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Tyre Pressure Checks Glastonbury

Tyre Pressure Check machine

Inspection of your tyres with the naked eye may not always indicate if your tyre is over or under inflated. SAS Tyres in Glastonbury provide tyre pressure checks to keep you safe as well ensure better fuel economy on the road.

If you are unsure how to check your tyre pressure or do not have the tools, drop in to one of our workshop on the Thomas Way Industrial Estate in Glastonbury. We will take a look at your tyre pressure and give advice as needed.

Important Tyre Pressure Information

Tyres can be under or over inflated even when they look fine. SAS Tyres recommend that you get your pressures checked roughly every 3 weeks and before any long journey.

  • Tyre pressures should be checked when the tyre has cooled down (not straight after driving).
  • Driving on tyres with the wrong pressure will shorten the lifespan, and might potentially increase the chance of a tyre failure.
  • Under inflated and over inflated tyres can both seriously effect the performance of your vehicle (handling, steering and braking distance).
  • Correct tyre pressure will have a positive effect on your Fuel consumption.
  • Also, Remember to check the pressure of your spare tyre! Easy to forget, it will lose pressure over time even if it has never been used. You never know when you might need it.

Contact the team at SAS Tyres, for advice and a range of tyre services.

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