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Clutch Repair and Replacement in Glastonbury

clutch disc

Your clutch is an important part of your vehicle. Most vehicles will require a clutch replacement at some point in their lifetime, either because of a mechanical fault or wear from excessive mileage.

The mechanics at SAS Tyres are experienced professionals and we can advise you on the best course of action for your clutch. The following factors may indicate you need a replacement clutch:

  • The engine revs increase without the vehicle speed increasing, especially up a hill
  • Crunching or grinding noise when attempting to change gears
  • Difficulty in selecting gears
  • The Clutch pedal is stiff
  • A change in the ‘biting point’ of your clutch pedal
  • Complete loss of engine power or poor acceleration

SAS Tyres are very experienced with clutches, so if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then you can bring your vehicle into our Glastonbury garage (on the Thomas Way Industrial Estate) for a free clutch inspection. Once we have completed your clutch diagnostics we will then provide you with a replacement quote.

Our work is always to a high standard and well priced. Contact SAS Tyres in Glastonbury and we can get your clutch sorted.

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